On moving wolves
This person from Utah that wrote in concerned about the wolf seen on the glacier has a big heart and a real concern for wolves. This is understandable considering what she has seen in her state and the surrounding states. The ultimate precession of the wolf is to be delisted before their numbers suggest an insurance of their survival. In fact, in the opinion of many experts, their demise is eminent. How sad.

Show some responsibility
So let me get this straight. Juneau is cutting back on teachers because the kids are getting too smart. I suppose the city's cutting back on buses because the kids are looking a bit too healthy?

Taking action
Thank you Dave Palmer and Dave Hanna for doing something while we've been griping among ourselves!

What we can afford?
Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way - almost daily, it is being reported on the cuts in funding to our current schools, teachers and support staff. So why in the world would anyone think we can afford a new high school if we can't afford what we already have?

'Solution' will cost
I'm stunned at the lengths Governor Murkowski and the Republican Legislative Caucus will go to make sure state government is funded in the most regressive manner possible.

Solution is simple
I don't frequent places that ban smoking, you don't have to go anywhere that does allow smoking. It's called freedom of choice - let's not lose it.

Cost/benefit on the Taku
Any important matter merits a cost/benefit analysis prior to making a decision. This is certainly true regarding the proposed mining development on the Canadian side of the Taku River watershed.

Demand for timber exists
SEACC's latest misinformation report, likely put together with grant money from some gullible source, says: "Demand for Tongass trees has fallen dramatically in recent years because of permanent and fundamental changes in world timber markets and increased competition."

Tribute to Bill Kozlowski
I'm sure most in Juneau have probably heard by now that Bill Kozlowski passed away on Tuesday. He was the influential force for Contra Public and the survivors of his band Peabody's Monster are very distraught. Musicians all over this town have come together for support.

Local musician hopes to hold benefit concert for cab driver
Singer-songwriter John Palmes said he finds himself crying when he tells friends about what happened to cab driver Eric Drake last week.

Sen. Murkowski: No guarantees on federal energy bill
The time is now for a pipeline pumping Alaska natural gas to the Lower 48, but there are no guarantees the federal energy bill - which includes provisions essential to the project - will pass, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Thursday.

Photo: Egan Drive accident
Capital City Fire & Rescue Volunteer Sam Melville braces Dominiqo Paguio's head while waiting for medical personnel to arrive after a two-vehicle accident on Egan Drive south of the Channel Drive intersection on Thursday afternoon.

More space among ideas for new Capitol
The city's new Capitol Planning Committee wants to improve the capitol with more committee rooms and sufficient space for public participation and have a building that stands as a symbol for the state's pride and values.

Stabbing victim helps police create suspects' sketches
While the cab driver attacked during a robbery last week has left the hospital and is putting his life back together, Juneau Police released sketches Thursday based on his descriptions of the people responsible.

An Empire article that ran in Thursday's paper did not make clear the year that Seward Street repairs would begin. City officials are planning to begin the reconstruction in the spring of 2005.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Births, judgments and other legal matters.

The Klondike awakens
Smoke in the air makes it seem as though the boilers of the sternwheeler Klondike have come to life on a crisp morning earlier this month in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

... for providing support
The families of Rick and David Mills and Gery Davies would like to thank all those who gave their time, effort and loving support in this difficult situation. In particular, we wish to express our gratitude to the Kake Search and Rescue, Kake Police Department, Sitka Mountain Search and Rescue, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Alaska State Troopers, L.A.B. Flying Service and all the people in the communities of Southeast Alaska who offered their support.

Photo: Class project
Evergreen Motors owner John Holmquist, right, and sales manager Marty McKeown, center, pose with a 2002 Ford Explorer they are donating to the Juneau-Douglas High School-University of Alaska Southeast auto technology department.

Withrow and Hill celebrate one year
Alison Hill of Juneau and Aldrick Withrow Sr. of Juneau were married Jan. 18, 2003, during a private ceremony in Juneau.

Student recognition
Achivements by local students.

... for making auction a success
On Nov. 25, as part of their United Way Share Campaign, the Department of Administration held a dessert auction in the commissioner's conference room with all proceeds benefiting the Glory Hole. I would like to thank all the people involved.

... for making holiday boxes
The staff and clients of Catholic Community Service and its divisions are very grateful to the St. Vincent de Paul Society's Jesuit Volunteers extraordinaire, Joe Oliver and Sebastian Lilienthal, the other SVDP volunteers and employers, the extremely generous volunteers and donors from the Juneau community, the Home Builders Association, REACH, Rachael McCloud and Northland Services, for their combined collaboration in making both the Thanksgiving meal boxes and the Christmas meal boxes available to those clients who needed them the most.

... for generous donation
The Juneau-Douglas High School Advanced Auto class would like to thank Evergreen Ford for its generous donation of a Ford Explorer to our automotive program.

Beverly Freese
Former Juneau resident Beverly Freese, 55, died Nov. 23, 2003, at her home near Mt. Shasta, Calif.

Gregory J. LaPoint
Former Juneau resident Gregory J. LaPoint, 36, died of a massive heart attack on Dec. 29, 2003, in Paducah, Ky.

William Kozlowski Jr.
Juneau resident William John Kozlowski Jr., 32, died Jan. 13, 2004, in Juneau.

My Turn: The facts and figures so far behind the Juneau Access EIS
At the direction of Gov. Murkowski, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is completing the supplemental draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Juneau Access Project. Field studies were finished this past season and the technical reports from those studies are being written.

Younger Crimson Bears are stepping up in key matches
When the Juneau-Douglas High School wrestling team opened the season, the Crimson Bears felt it might take some time its young lineup to develop.

Tall Lathrop too much for Juneau girls
Another slow start - and a physically imposing opponent - created a hurdle too high for the Juneau-Douglas High School girls basketball team. The Crimson Bears fell to Lathrop 47-42 on Thursday on the opening day of the Lady T-Bird Classic at East Anchorage High School.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

LeBron impresses, Golden State wins
LeBron James dazzled a rare sellout crowd with clever ballhandling and spectacular dunks in his first trip to Oakland, but Clifford Robinson just did more.

Midseason exam
The first time the Juneau-Douglas High School boys basketball team played the Wasilla Warriors, the Crimson Bears were still trying to discover themselves during the first week of the season.

State wrestling rankings
Here are the state's top wrestlers in each weight class for the Class 4A season, as ranked by the Web site, http://www.alaskawrestling.com, which is run by Palmer's Eric Wade.

State ordered to negotiate on ferry contracts
The State of Alaska has been ordered to "cease and desist" its refusal to bargain with a maritime labor union over employee contracts for the new fast ferry Fairweather.

Some Yakutat residents to lose power
Yakutat's city manager said he doesn't know how many customers will be without power today. But a grandmother in the isolated coastal community, about 225 miles northwest of Juneau, said Thursday she was sure she would be among them.

Alaska Digest
News in brief from around the state.

Melting ice in Yukon reveals artifacts, clues to ancient life
Melting in the alpine last summer revealed the oldest artifact recovered from what is now an inventory of 18 archaeological ice patches on Yukon Territory mountains.

Photo: Looking at rail connections
Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski, right, answers questions, as Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie, left, listens about a proposed Alaska-Canada transportation corridor and the development of an Alaska-Canada rail connection during a one-day summit Thursday on the issue in Juneau.

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