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Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thank God the Sztuks are carrying on with tradition

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I just could not let this pass without putting my two cents in. I read the letter from my auntie Jean and uncle Steve Sztuk that was in the paper about the Christmas thief. To think that one person could have ruined it for us all. Many of us ride the bus, or even go past their place in Lemon Creek, and enjoy looking at the wonderful work that they put into decorating their home.

Everything was made by hand, the candy canes and lolly pops, and life savers, made by both my Auntie and Uncle. And the most awesome is the ferris wheel, that was built by my uncle Steve. He was the one who built it and made it run. This is something that became a family tradition for them. They started when their children were just little kids, but are now all grown up and no longer at home, but my Auntie and Uncle are still carrying on the tradition. I enjoy going by and seeing what wonderful things they do. Everyone knows how bad the weather has been in Juneau in December, with all the snow, and how cold it has been. they had still taken the time out to go out and tough the weather and decorate their home. Last year was the Brother Bear theme and this year was Carr's Theme, and the new addition this year was the Christmas Bells, made by my Uncle Steve. Many of you who pass by see each holiday such as the one coming up. Valentine's Day, They will have nice Valentine's Day Decorations up, and every Holiday they take the time to put things up for us to look at and enjoy. I hope that the person who went into their yard will think twice before going in and taking anything from their place. Will you keep in mind that you are on camera, so next time look up and smile? You know you almost ruined it for us. My Auntie and Uncle were going to stop with the decorations. But thank God, they are going to keep up with their family traditions and keep on giving us something new to look forward to. My hat's off to my Auntie Jean and Uncle Steve, and let's not forget their children who also put time in before to help with the decorations. Alright, to you Christmas snatcher, be careful. We are watching out for you. And to my Auntie and Uncle, keep up the beautiful work. I am looking forward to Valentine's Day.

Annette M. Osborne


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