Board seeks creative ideas for skate park

Superintendent hopes board can eventually work toward redesign

Posted: Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Skate Park Advisory Board met Wednesday evening at the Pipeline park to discuss progress since its November meeting and seek ways to increase participation from the community, organizations and skateboarders.

Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire
Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire

Parks & Landscape Superintendent Kevin Brady, who serves as the city liaison to the advisory board, started the meeting with a tour of the park, revealing peeling paint, loose screws and weather wear.

"We're talking about what we can do to repaint this whole thing before we reopen," Brady said.

The board discussed soliciting local artists to paint images that could be added to or removed as a progressive mural. The group also is considering a sound system connected to a local radio station that would go on and off with the lights.

The front Plexiglas wall will be raised eight feet to prevent rain and snow from coming inside. Large fans may be installed to circulate fresh air.

Since the park closed in November, weather has hampered work efforts, as park maintenance staff have had to tend to snow removal and other projects. In early February, 10 Southeast Alaska Guidance Association volunteers have agreed to help with work efforts in the park.

"We need to find some local community members to be here too," Brady said. "What we are doing is not a renovation, it is more of a maintenance and repair session. Get the place fixed up and cleaned up. A total redo will take a lot of time and money."

Brady hopes the board can eventually work toward a redesign. The board will use the fundraising and grant expertise of member Ashley Anderson, who represents a young adult rotary club.

Anderson suggested skateboarder clinics and food or bake sales.

"I'm willing to help them organize," Juneau police lieutenant Troy Wilson said. "My involvement is just to try and offer some advice. I think a skate park, or any other activity or opportunity that we can provide that keeps kids productive, is good. It just seems that interest and involvement in the skate park has dropped off in the last few years. I think the board is looking to revitalize things and get organized again."

"We're all trying to push progression on the skate park," said Jordan Kendall, who has been skateboarding for the past 10 years. "But without the large support of the skateboard community, it is difficult. We're trying to reinstate the positive message of the skate park. I see a whole new image for the community ... something that is positive."

Board member Cindy Brown-Mills suggested a grand reopening celebration.

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