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Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2000

A former Juneau resident has developed an aromatherapy product intended to assist weight loss.

The Appetite Control Button, already sold in Australia and Europe, is scheduled for a big domestic marketing push in May, according to Ryan Stagg, who created the product for Evergreen Research of San Diego. The buttons will be sold in major drugstores, including chain retailers such as Kmart, he said.

Stagg, who lived in Juneau for nine years and left in 1982 at age 12, came up with a mix of natural herbs, including Indonesian peppermint oil and Brazilian menthol oil. He says the mix acts on the satiety center in the hypothalamus, suppressing food cravings. The herbs are contained in a button that is pinned on clothing.

Stagg's most recent project involved investigating the insect-repelling properties of a shrub in Zimbabwe, from which he returned two weeks ago.

The Staggs - including Ryan's fisherman father, Frank, and housewife mother, Mary - lived in the Lemon Creek area. Ryan remembers playing softball at 11 p.m. in the summers and said he hopes to visit Alaska this year.

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