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Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2000

I'd like to thank John and Mark for tending the ice at Twin Lakes and providing music and a fire, and for spending tons of time just so the community has a nice place to recreate.

I'd like to say to whoever is robbing my crab pots: I have been fueling my boat and baiting my crab pots every week in 1999, and every week or every other week I check my pots to find they have been robbed. Have the courtesy to bait the pots. I can't help but feel crabby about being robbed.

There are three opportunities to get involved regarding the Douglas deal. The first is Jan. 19 when the Douglas Advisory Board meets. The second is Jan. 24 when the Douglas Neighborhood Association convenes for the first time. The assembly takes up the issue on Feb. 7. Express your views attend these meetings.

Thank you to the people who did the wonderful job at Melvin Park for ice skating. To the woman who came in the red car with the children and the golden retriever, the dog didn't belong there. He kept knocking over the children to the point where a few people left because their children kept getting knocked over. And also, the pile the dog left at the gate is still there. Please don't bring your dogs to an ice skating rink unless they're on a leash.

If women want their own health club or section of a health club for privacy, that is fine. It's dealing with people's bodies, and women and men have their own restrooms, don't they? Besides, women should have a place to socialize.

I want to thank those unsung heroes that are keeping up the ice at Melvin Park for our kids. They must be really dedicated ice skaters or hockey players. They are doing a fabulous job and my daughter really appreciates it.

During Oprah's program celebrating Dr. King's birthday, she had different ethnic groups of teen-agers - Caucasian, Asian, Latino and Blacks. And she left out the first Americans. Where was the representation for the Indians?

If the Legislature has the power to dishonor a legally negotiated labor contract then they should have a representative on that negotiating team and everyone should honor that decision. Otherwise, it is a waste of everyone's time and energy. These contracts were ``binding.'' Or were they only ``binding'' on the workers? where is the good faith'?

I'm sorry to hear that Senators Jerry Mackie, Al Adams and Mike Miller are retiring. They're some of the good guys. I wish others would retire instead. It would make our state a better place.

Why does the lieutenant governor's office have 10 people, including a media liaison, when the last two had six people in their offices? It's a waste of money.

I sympathize with the businesses and homeowners who were flooded last month along Jordan Creek. Maybe instead of keeping it all natural for a few salmon, they should open the lower watershed so it drains better.

Brain teaser: How can you build high density housing even though it's illegal since the neighborhood is zoned D-5, the lowest possible. Easy: Just make sure you have a lot of extra land included in your purchase. Then use those acres in your zone calculation to make the project seem correct.

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