President Bush not trampling rights

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Under the Bush administration, the U.S. Justice Department did what no other administration had done before - it prepared comprehensive guidelines for treating rape victims. The first-of-their-kind guidelines are intended to augment and assist the state, local and private organizations that provide care to women. They do not supersede any local or state regulations or guidelines, nor do they detract in any way from existing programs.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), with one exception, applauds the 130-page document as "very thorough." The exception? It does not explicitly mention the "day after" pill. It does, however, address pregnancy prevention by encouraging caregivers to "discuss treatment options with patients, including reproductive health services."

Does the "reality-based" contingent of Empire letter writers credit the administration for its efforts to assist women and alleviate post-rape suffering and stress? Of course not. The "reality-based" crew is so blinded by the wide brims of their tinfoil hats that they miss reality altogether and conjure asinine plots attributed to Dubya. This time, it is Ann Chandonnet who, on January 12, exclaimed, "depriving women of the right to emergency contraception in these circumstances is one of the most pernicious forms of female slavery. It demonstrates, again, that civil rights are being trampled by the George W. Bush administration - especially the civil rights of women."

It defies reality to claim the new guidelines "deprive" anyone of anything. Women have the same access to emergency contraception information, and the pill itself, as they did before the new guidelines. Nothing has been taken away. Ms. Chandonnet's comments about "rights" are especially mystifying. What civil rights, whether held by women, men or moonbats, have been "trampled" by the Bush administration? The "reality-based" love to sustain the myth, but constitutional scholars have yet to reinforce the claims with real examples.

The disingenuous comparison of unwanted pregnancy to "slavery" severely devalues the magnitude of turmoil and struggle endured by generations descended from slaves, and the nightmares lived by their enslaved ancestors.

Take a realistic look at Dubya's record on women's rights. Only three years ago, rape victims in Afghanistan were stoned to death by their government, especially when pregnancy resulted. Today, they proudly display their faces and hair as they stroll to the polls to vote.

Mark Aase

San Pedro, Calif.

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