Look closer to home

Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm surprised the Empire printed Dave Lewit's letter of Jan. 17. First he equates Bureau of Land Management functionaries with Nazi war criminals, then states offhandedly that the vast majority of Americans aren't interested in North Slope oil. Alaska's Permanent Fund dividend program is "perverted," but so is Congress for not subsidizing Alaskan's heating needs. He volunteers New England (the biggest U.S. heating oil market) to fully dress before going to bed to ward off the cold and incites government regulators to not issue "proper licenses and permits" because "we will back you." We who?

As he obviously is groping with some basics, maybe he should look closer to home. How about asking why his neighbors the Kennedys - supposedly environmental activists - oppose a commercial power-generating wind farm that would directly lessen the demand for fossil fuel but would clutter up their view of Nantucket Sound?

Rick Kaufman


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