Small-mindedness clashes with Alaskan spirit

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2007

Due to his Tuesday letter to the editor, we now know more about Josh Carter's beliefs regarding gay rights and immigrants, than we know about the last salmon that made his or her great sprint upstream on his or her last mating run - something that is far more important to Alaska and something that demands more attention than this man's opinion about sexual companionship.

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As a visitor from the Lower 48 and someone who lived in Juneau in the 1960s and again in 1981, I hope his opinion about gay marriage represents a a very small group in Alaska.

There are incredible opportunities for the folks in Alaska to become the leaders that this country demands in the arena of ecological and energy management, life balance, preservation, etc.

From my brief times in your great state, I admire and trust the fierce independence that is so important to the state's success.

Somehow, a personal belief that dismisses an estimated 10 percent of the population doesn't fit this line of thinking. (Carter writes, "Then we'll have to acknowledge they are people. If we acknowledge they are people, then we have to acknowledge they have equal rights.")

I hope that the Alaskans, and especially those in the Juneau area, remain independent-thinking enough not to be sucked into the quagmire these divisive political issues create.

Too much positive insight and energy can easily be diverted from issues that need to be addressed.

I have faith that the local population can direct personal energies to lead the nation and become an example in those areas that are important to most of the people not only in Alaska, but all of the United States.

Bill Steen

Park Rapids, Minn.

Editor's note:

Josh Carter's letter to the editor about gay marriage was written as satire.

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