Disappointed in Hoonah school

Posted: Friday, January 18, 2008

I am very disappointed in the Hoonah School District.

I have two granddaughters traveling with a basketball group from the Hydaburg City School District. They were staying at the Hoonah School on Monday night. While they were playing basketball, their money was stolen, clothes were stolen, clothes scattered all over, sports cream spread on an iTouch iPod. They were told by the Hoonah school that there was nothing they could do about this, consequently the basketball teams moved to a hotel there so their belongings would be safe. I got a call from my granddaughter today, and she was hungry but her money was stolen so they couldn't eat.

I hope that the other students who visit Hoonah do not get this treatment, but if they are going there, they should beware.

Jean Bland


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