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Posted: Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank you for helping maintain the planetarium

Many thanks to Bill Leighty for his continued help in maintaining the Marie Drake Planetarium. Thanks to his expertise and resourcefulness in repairing our equipment, Juneau has a planetarium that is able offer free shows to the Juneau community.

Recently, when the star projector stopped working, he was able to take time out of his holidays to inspect several pieces of equipment and make necessary repairs. Thanks to him, the stars will continue to shine in Juneau, no matter the weather.

Jason Ginter

Marie Drake Planetarium manager


Thank you to the many friends of Bernice Stoll

This is a special memorial tribute to a beloved and dear friend, Bernice Stoll, from all her good friends. We are taking this opportunity to provide thank yous and mention the various activities Bernice so enjoyed.

Thank you to the drivers of the Care-A-Van, especially Russ McDowell, who Bernice thought the world of.

Bernice especially enjoyed the ladies and gentlemen who participated in the Monday and Wednesday Bridge Club. She was an excellent card player. She always looked forward to these days.

At MiCasa Restaurant, Bernice had a close relationship with Chris Kozecar, who waited on her and joked with her, providing her with special attention.

Thank you to Nickie, at Henry's Restaurant Food and Spirits; her other special friends, who at one time or another had some contact with Bernice; Norma Patrick, from Wildflower Court; Dee Graver; George and Helen Bonnett; Carolyn Carey; and Joy Baker, caretaker at Eagle Beach campground, who always made sure Bernice got to go for a ride in the Polaris. Over rocks and roots, it didn't matter, Bernice would go. She saw many bears out there.

Thank you to the people at Wildflower Court, who made her last days the best they could.

Thanks to Val Washalefsky, who went two or three times a week to make sure Bernice was doing OK. She took wonderful care of her personal needs.

Thanks to Debbie Keller and Theresa Nitschke, of His and Hers Beauty Salon, who spent lots of time making Bernice beautiful, which to all of her friends, she already was.

Thank you to her special friend, Mabel Cody. Without her, Bernice would have missed out on a lot of things to do. Mabel always made sure she got to go for a ride out the road and go for Sunday brunch. Mabel took Bernice whenever she asked. Sometimes she'd just take Bernice to get her out of the house. Bernice, at 95, went up the Mount Robert's Tramway. She surely enjoyed this.

And thanks to anyone else, we may have missed.

Bernice was her happiest when she was with her friends. God bless all of you for caring.

Mabel Cody and friends of Bernice Stoll


Thanks for supporting Angoon school children

I would like to take the time to express my thanks to Edward Gamble, Shelly Wilson, Irene Paul and the other two board members, who made decisions on behalf of our children in Angoon during the school year 2007-08.

I really appreciated the Chatham School Board members and the superintendent for the support they showed toward our children. I was proud of them for finally saying we do not want a mediocre education for the children in the Angoon High School. I am proud of them for standing by the No Child Left Behind Act and for showing they do care for the children and that they did support the mission statement that is in place for the Chatham School District.

Angoon High School used to be the strongest school in the district, but now it is on the bottom of the list. It makes me sad to hear that our children are at level five and at the bottom of the list. It also made me sad to see and hear how our community members attacked what seemed to be the best decision for our school.

It is now 2008, and our children in school are fine and doing OK. Once again, Thanks to Gamble, Wilson, Paul, the two other members and our superintendent. I would also like them to know that they should hold their heads high and that there are many parents who stand behind the decision(s) they made.

As for the new members, do not forget that there are still parents who want more for their children.

Doris Williams



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