Begich should help seek justice in case against Ted Stevens

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010

I just read Sunday's response by Bruce Scandling to Tony Yorba's editorial in the Juneau Empire. Bruce Scandling is a legislative assistant to Sen. Mark Begich.

With all due respect, Scandling needs to cut the crap and get word to Begich to start working for the people of Alaska and not just the National Democratic Party who paid so much to get Mark Begich elected. At least we knew that former Sen. Ted Stevens was always working for the good of the people of Alaska.

Bruce also needs to get word to Begich that the people of Alaska still want justice when it comes to the federal prosecutors who manipulated the prosecution of Ted Stevens. Their crime was so grievous that anything less than a public hanging would be not satisfy real and fair justice.

So, maybe when Bruce Scandling isn't spending his time trying to justify the actions of Begich, he can get together with the senator and tell us when we are going to see some justice in this case.

Edwin Johnson


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