Accused killer's hair found in nurse's house

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2010

ANCHORAGE - New court documents filed in the Mindy Schloss murder investigation in Anchorage say a witness heard a woman's screams and the hair of accused killer Joshua Wade was found at her home.

The documents also reveal that Wade, 29, made a suggestive remark about wanting to have sex with the 52-year-old Schloss.

The nurse practitioner was last seen August 3, 2007, and then failed to show up for a scheduled flight to Fairbanks on August 5. Her body was found in a patch of Wasilla woods in September 2007.

The court filings say a witness heard a woman screaming "Rape!" and "Call the police!" early in the morning on August 4, 2007, in the area where Schloss and Wade lived as neighbors.

Federal prosecutors also say Wade's DNA was found on the steering wheel of her car.

Most of the documents in the case have been under seal. A defense reply to a motion released Thursday provided a rare glimpse into the case the government says it has against Wade.

The information was revealed in defense attorney Suzanne Elliott's response to the prosecution's effort to have Wade considered "a violent sexual offender." The designation could be one of the factors that determine whether the death penalty is imposed if he is convicted.

Key evidence includes two pubic hairs that prosecutors say were identified as Wade's after they were found inside Schloss' house. Prosecutors also say that a few days before the crime, Wade told a friend that he would like to have sex with Schloss.

The prosecution also wants to allow testimony about Della Brown. Wade was acquitted of killing Brown in 2003. But federal prosecutors in the Schloss case say the jury got it wrong and they have new witnesses willing to speak who didn't testify at the 2003 trial. Some of the witnesses are jailhouse informants.

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