Clinton marked by scandal, corruption


Posted: Friday, January 19, 2001

Jan. 22 is the 28th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade which struck down all state laws protecting the child in the womb. This decision said abortion on demand at any time for any (no) reason was protected by the U.S. Constitution. It unleashed an abortion holocaust across our land which today totals at least 40-50 million deaths. Not since 1857 in the Dred Scott decision, when the Supreme Court ruled that the black man was not a "person," has that court blundered with such a violation of basic human rights and justice.

Since the Roe decision, the abortion mentality, which says the child in the womb has no inherent rights, has spread its cancerous effects throughout society. What better example than the Clinton administration, which has used the power of the federal government and the office of the presidency for the promotion and protection of abortion practice whenever and wherever possible.

Two days after Mr. Clinton assumed office he issued four executive orders. He lifted the ban on funding for U.N. population programs that promote abortion around the world. He lifted the ban on fetal tissue research. He lifted the ban on counseling for abortion in federally funded clinics and he lifted the ban on abortions in military hospitals overseas. That set the tone for much of what followed. In the ensuing years, Mr. Clinton actively promoted the acceptance and approval of the abortion pill RU 486 by the Food and Drug Administration, attempted to enact a health care plan containing requirements that abortion be mandated in basic benefit packages, through his State Department directed all U.S. diplomats to coerce foreign governments to liberalize their abortion laws, twice vetoed a ban on partial birth abortion while fiercely defending this form of infanticide, and sent a U.S. delegation to the U. N. Conference on Women to push for a redefinition of the family, including expansion of abortion rights.

The above is Mr. Clinton's abortion record. One could include a long list of related policies, appointments and decisions made by the Clinton Administration that assault the family and traditional moral values.

There is much talk about a Clinton legacy. Many would say the Clinton administration is best characterized as one of scandal and corruption. His attitude toward the family and the child in the womb is certainly consistent with that evaluation.

Sidney D. Heidersdorf


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