Roughhouse boxing hits Juneau tonight

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2001

Area pugilists will be showing off their boxing prowess tonight at 7 p.m. at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall when roughhouse boxing makes another appearance in Juneau.

The 'King of the Ring' boxing event is coordinated by Bob Haag and Big H Promotions out of Anchorage, with a portion of the profits going to USA Amateur Boxing which is associated with the Olympic boxing program.

"This is a great event," said event director Ray Lee. "It gives people the opportunity to box that normally wouldn't have the chance."

"The emphasis here is not on beating up somebody, but on trying to advance the sport of amateur boxing through this fundraiser." Lee said.

Tonight's 'King of the Ring' is the first of three monthly roughhouse boxing events scheduled before April's Southeast Showdown. The other events will take place on Feb. 16 and March 19 with the Southeast Showdown slated for April 12-13.

Fighters are separated into three weight classes and are paired up based on experience, age and weight.

Tonight's lightweight fighters will include J.R. Diamond (Southeast Lightweight Champion), Fernando Pintang, Rudy Vonda, Elijah Sheakley, Jay Feliciano, John Castillo and Anthony "The Jinx" Parr, all of Juneau as well as Tyson Duckworth who hails from Ketchikan.

Middleweight action will feature the grudge match between "Wayne Fu" Smallwood and David Diamond. Diamond won an unpopular decision over Smallwood in November's 'King of the Ring' event and both fighters agreed to fight it out again.

Other middleweight boxers will include Butch McClinton and James Taguchi of Juneau; Sean Demebo and Matthew Coppick of Sitka; and Gabe Duckworth, Mike Jensen and Jack Duckworth from Ketchikan.

Juneau's Daniel "Danimal the Animal" Fink, Jamie Raymond and Jason Needham will represent Juneau in the heavyweight division and Tom Ferry and Todd Stanley will do the same for Ketchikan.

Southeast belt holders Victor "The Savage" Littlefield (middleweight) and Russell "Dirt" Stevens will not be participating tonight but will return for the March event.

"We get excellent boxers," Lee said. "And its all in good fun and it's great to see the boxers as well as the fans smiling and having a good time. We're excited to be boxing her tonight."

Doors open at 6 p.m. at the ANB Hall and tickets will be available at the door until the event is sold out.

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