Most of us never disgrace, kill others

Posted: Sunday, January 19, 2003

Please, enough. Enough of the letters spouting understanding, sympathy and support for former coach Hamey, and now for Laura Stidolph. And yes, I do group them into the same category. Let's face it, newspapers are full of stories about "human" people who made mistakes - from thieves to drunk drivers and in between. In reality, it all comes down to choices and every person in jail can claim: "I'm only human, I make mistakes. I have good qualities too."

These people made stupid choices and got caught - and unfortunately have caused pain to others in the process. Taking personal responsibility for a crime is not remarkable or endearing. What is remarkable is the rest of us schmoes who manage to be human daily and not attempt to disgrace or kill others. We should all hope that we are not on the receiving end of the choices made by people like Stidolph, Hamey, etc. Let's remember who the victims are - it's the rest of us who are going about our lives respecting laws put in place to protect everyone from the likes of these folks.

Erin Sabol


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