Juneau's dumb idea

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The proposed road between Juneau and Skagway is the dumbest idea from the dumbest bureaucrats in the dumbest city in Alaska. This is one of the wildest, most remote areas in the world, in the roughest terrain along any seashore, with the worst weather patterns associated on earth, both winter and summer. Who? Who in their right mind would consider such a boondoggle of a project and waste of Alaskans' money? (Let's not even talk about some new capitol building proposed in Juneau ... though the architects have some good ideas).

If, and I say that with reluctance, Alaskans need a road out of and into Juneau, the future former capital of Alaska, then why not punch one over to the Cassiar Highway via the Glenora road connecting to Dease Lake? With the Canadians' help it could be done quickly and within a decent budget. The Canadian and British Columbia governments would love it, giving them much added tourist and travel dollars. Of course, no American person even thinks in these terms. ... "Oh gee. What a concept. Cooperate with a foreign government." Message to Juneau: "Think outside the dumb box, dummy."

That is all.

Robin Craviotto


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