Doing right wins the best public relations

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mr. Murkowski feels America's view of Alaska is "sorely distorted." Murkowski feels we need public-relations people to steer America's thinking. Hiring PR people merely attempts a positive spin on this administration's shortsighted thinking.

While America was clamoring to see federal money reappropriated to Katrina-striken areas, Murkowski proclaimed Alaska's right to this money. Teamwork be damned.

His myopic drive to see two bridges built fails to consider the rest of the state.

Alaska's voters have denounced aerial wolf hunts. Murkowski insists they continue.

Then the Legislature gave a resounding, "no", when Murkowski requested a personal jet. He weaseled one anyway on a technicality.

He cut the longevity bonus, pushed for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, ignoring the words "wildlife reserve," conducted secret negotiations regarding a gas pipeline, lobbied for use of our rivers as mixing zones for toxic chemicals and now introduces a controversial incentive program to improve student scores based on the ill-designed No Child Left Behind testing program.

Rather than bury his blunders with positive spin, Murkowski should examine his actions, consider how they might be interpreted by the rest of the nation, honestly ask what would help Alaskans and proceed from there. By doing the right thing, his need for PR would evaporate and pave the way for a positive view of Alaska.

Bob Andrews


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