Coeur has a strange way of agreeing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coeur's latest ad campaign states in bold lettering, "Alaskans deserve clean water. We agree 100 percent." Last time I checked, to agree meant to concur or to be in accordance with. It seems like Coeur is doing everything but agreeing with our Clean Water Act.

Using this past month to re-evaluate and actually revise the permitting plans to dump tailings into Lower Slate Lake would have indicated Coeur's agreement. To agree would be to recognize that 4.5 million tons of chemically processed mining waste dumped into an alpine lake does not give Alaskans what they deserve.

If you want to talk about agreeing, let's talk about acting in line with existing standards, not circumventing them to save a buck. Let's talk about setting an example for future mining operations. Let's do more than talk about keeping Alaska waters clean, 100 percent.

Luann McVey


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