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Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007

Thanks for helping the Kids Voting program

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The 25th Alaska State Legislature is about to convene in the capital city. It was but a short time ago, on Nov. 7, 2006, that the citizens of Juneau and Alaska cast their ballots, choosing leaders who will set the state's course in the days and years ahead. Juneau's students participated in this essential democratic process through classroom based civics activities, culminating in the opportunity to cast student ballots at official polling sites. This remarkable civics project was made possible by the hundreds of volunteers, parents and businesses who made the 2006 Kids Voting program a success.

If you supported your child's involvement in the program in any way, we thank you for helping to make Kids Voting a success. You are helping to institutionalize this unique civics education program which the community of Juneau has supported since 1996.

At the core of the Kids Voting (KV) Program are the teachers who teach the Kids Voting lessons. We thank, in particular, all of the teachers who served as KV building reps: JoAnn Jones, Sue Skimon-Jones, Paula Kalbrenner, Sharon Denton, Cherry Eckland, Julie Leary, Dick Fagnant, Cinda Staneck, Velda Yamashiro, Jamie Marks, Debbie Hull, Dave Ringle, Ted Wilson, Kristy Germain, Shanna Galuzzo, Joyce Thoreson, Jo Dahl, and Deb Chalmers.

KV booths were staffed by individuals, organizations, and businesses including SAGA, Tlingit Haida Central Council, Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, True North Federal Credit Union, Juneau Community Charter School, Logan General Tax Practice, NOAA/NMFS, Juneau Bar Association, Girl Scout Troop 339, JDHS Student Council, home school students and Dzantik'i Heeni teacher Jamie Marks and students.

Thanks to precinct captains: Mariana Goodwin, Treavor Mahle, Brenda Taylor, Hanna Carson, Ann Bausch, Gay Paresky, Jamie Marks, Mary Becker, Tana Bell, Debbie Hull, John Logan, Nicole Clark, Rachel Dahl, Bonita Nelson, Mark Choate, Kristine Burke, Jo Dahl, Kaelen Knutson-Lombardo and Zak Kirkpatrick

Thanks also to all of the volunteer precinct workers: Peter Bellagh, Maya Parish, Jacki Mallinger, Stephanie Tripp, Maya Rieselbach, Megan and Kristin Wright, Malena and Harry Lapidakis, Danielle Graham, Andrea, Lizzie, Victoria and Rebecca Scharen, Jenny, Stephanie and Lynn Logan, Marjorie Quisenberry, Shirley Banderola, Marg Hedges, Natalie Shier, Alyssa Fischer, Braden File, Ron Heintz, Lia Heifetz, Becca Freer, Michael Heumann, Shari Paul, Margo Waring, Vivian Hegg, Chris Niemi, Kathryn Cohen, Marie Olson, Marianne Mills, Andy Peterson, Corrine Marks, Shelagh Sands, Sidney Browning, Kasia and Noah Spengler, Catherine Reardon, Elise Boyer, Harriet and Reece Milks, Abigail & Clem Taylor, Emma Landvatter, Stuart Robards, Allie Bricker, Anna & Kate Myskowski, Jillian Messserschmidt, Rich Gordon, Robin Stevens, David Marble, Lauren MacVay, Patty Ray, Catherine Ecklund, Brenda Heimbuch, Bonnie Tourtillotte, Tammy Hunt, Sirena Hales, Nathan Clark, Phyllis Carlson, Leslie Isturis, Dody Miyasato, Isabell Bryan, Tasha Youngblut, Shale Kibby, Joelle, Jordan Reese, Mary Sutton, Amy and Sam Stephian, Bev Wander, Amy Hall, Mary Sutton, Ginna Sue Copeland, Brady Mauerman, Bev Wanders, Sue Copland, Jordan Reese, Sam & Amy Hall, Mary Seatton, Thelea Salewick, Jocelyn Cayce, Kaitlyn McDonald, Zoe George, Donovan Culp, Corwin Kelly, Kristen Hosier, Alexis Austin, and Penn Lamb.

Media people who assisted the Kids Voting program were Chris Burns of KINY radio, Jeff Brown and Rosemarie Alexander of KTOO-FM and Lori Thomson and Kim Andree, of the Juneau Empire.

The 2006 sponsors were the League of Women Voters of Alaska, Wells Fargo Bank, and the Juneau School District. Business which lent their support were Choate Law Offices which donated awards for the Political Cartoon Contest, Capital Copy, Copy Works, Alaska Litho, and Jeff Campbell.

The Kids Voting Board provided guidance and direction for the program. Members include Betsy Brenneman, Vice Chair; Gay Paresky, Treasurer; Linda Frame, Hannah Carson, Mary Becker, Phyllis Carlson, Marjorie Quisenberry, Treavor Mahle, Doreen Shaw and Mark Choate. Coordinator Mary Hakala made sure that the whole program ran smoothly.

Thanks to all of our volunteers for helping to instill a voting habit in our young people. We're looking forward to the next State general election in 2008!

Marjorie Menzi


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