Obama health care reform doesn't represent freedom

Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In reading the article by the lead staffer at Sen. Mark Begich's office, I was very amused. So allow us to cut to the chase. I am tired of hearing the excuses by health reform supporters. Here is the pressing question: Is there a cap to how high premiums can be now and into the future in this bill?The answer is NO.

The fact that the Obama administration is willing to bypass a Senate vote and bypass the U.S. Budget Office just to throw a bill onto Obama's desk to be signed into law, despite serious objections by some of their own party members, should scare anyone into an enema. The fact that the majority of Americans will be forcibly entered into a system of payment with no opt-out options should also scare you. These are facts, people.

This is not free health care; it is health care to be paid by the blood, sweat and tears of the working class. As if welfare wasn't enough on everyone's backs, now you'll pay for someone else's health care at the expense of your own family budget and your own family's health.

Of course, we also have the union exemption that exempts union employees from the mandate until 2018. The rest of us will pay immediately for benefits we won't see until years after. That's like purchasing a home with all of your savings and waiting five years to move in.

This bill usurps state rights and our rights as Americans to choose what is best for our families and what we can afford. Federal government has no business in our business.

And another thing: I am not so worried of myself as I am of some of my fellow Alaskans who I know for a fact are struggling very badly to make ends meet right now. This just adds to that pain even more intensely. There was no real thought given to regular everyday Americans or tea party supporters - as Obama likes to call people below him.

And I am sick of people making it a race issue. So for all of you that support this reform, let me ask you a question. What has Obama being president done to make your life better? Just this past week, my husband received a letter from a man in Michigan begging for work because he can't find any in Michigan. That's how bad things are, folks. If this bill goes through with a forced mandate for paying for it, there will be a lot of people in really dire straits.

While people were losing jobs, Obama bailed out the banks and Wall Street and the automakers. Yet, people are still unemployed and the numbers are increasing by the day along with home foreclosures. Unemployment now stands above ten percent and still the supporters say "pass the reform." It shows how much some of you really care about your fellow man.

I think this country is going in the wrong direction. When you think of all the socialist regimes this country fought to free in the past in Europe, it's sad that socialism is staring us right in the face. All that we didn't want to become, we became. I feel that maybe we should permanently divide as a country. Those who want freedom on one side and those who don't can live with their socialist handouts.

• Rhonda Hartzell is an Angoon resident.

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