Karli Brakes talks mathematics and Rocky Mountain basketball

Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As Karli Brakes travels to Colorado this week with her Crimson Bears teammates, there is more than just basketball on the docket.

"We have Friday off where we don't play any games, so we're going to go around and look at colleges," she said.

This is especially interesting for Brakes, who was born and raised in Juneau, because she hopes to play college basketball somewhere in Colorado.

"I'm really looking for anywhere I can get a scholarship. I'm really looking into Fort Lewis in Colorado because my parents went there and I think I'd really like to play there," she said. "Also, I'm looking in Oregon and Washington - somewhere close to home - but I want to play competitive basketball anywhere I can."

She said that she would prefer Colorado because she has spent her whole life in Juneau.

"I want to experience something different and I really love to travel," she said.

Brakes tried many sports growing up, eventually stuck with basketball.

"I tried swimming, dancing, gymnastics and soccer, then I played basketball and it just felt right," she said.

Though still undecided on what she will major in at the next academic level, Brakes said she is interested in business and would also like to be a high school basketball coach when her playing days are over, which is surely a long way off.

College or pro basketball: "College basketball way more. It just seems a lot more competitive. The players are younger and it seems more like a team effort also. Professional sports look cool, but I like to see teams play (as opposed to individuals)."

Favorite basketball movie: "For Love and Basketball - yeah, typical girl basketball player movie."

Favorite school subject: "Math is my favorite subject because there's something about understanding - once you get it you feel so accomplished and you can keep doing it over and over and then going to the next level. There's something about being able to solve a problem that I love."

Favorite college team: "I don't really have a favorite. I like to see the rivalries, those are my favorite - any rivalry that's on."

On the Ketchikan rivalry: "It's definitely our favorite. It feeds you to play your hardest. It's kind of healthy, but there are some negative things that go around. Like, whenever we go to Ketchikan we're not completely welcomed all the time. I mean, I love it when their fans are cheering for them because it makes you want to go harder. But some negative things - when someone yells at you or when our crowd yells at them. But, other than that, I just love to hear the crowd.

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