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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2005

In reference to the article "Same-sex discussion bothers parents" (Empire, Jan. 16) let me say that straight people aren't the only people who pay taxes, and just because gay marriage is banned doesn't mean that these relationships may not be recognized by the government, and that doesn't mean these are not families. And while straight people may be concerned for their children, many of us have children and these children go to school. When are people going realize that the only agenda we are pushing here is the safety of our children who get teased, harassed and even beat up because their family is different? I applaud the Juneau School District for teaching tolerance.

Unlike the lies that are spread, we are not trying to convert people, nor are we trying to indoctrinate children so that they will grow up gay. My parents and my partner's parents were heterosexual, my sister, niece and nephew are married and have children and I love my great nephews, and as they are at the age where they are starting to like girls, it appears they are heterosexual as well. My partner's sisters, brother, children and grandchildren are heterosexual and though the great-grandchildren are a bit young, we'll love them for whatever they chose. Though if I have my druthers, they'll be heterosexual as well. Then maybe we won't have to answer the phone someday and be told by the person on the other end that they were beaten up or even murdered because they love differently.

Cameron Bonham


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