Mine waste versus channel sewage

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 20, 2006

I am confused.

There are people in Juneau who are more concerned with having 100 percent clean, purified water running through our swamps and muskegs north of Berners Bay while they give a pass to the city of Juneau to systematically pollute Gastineau Channel and its tributaries with sewage.

What is the impact of sewage on the fish returning and then spawning in our local waters? The baby smolt spend the first year living in that narrow freshwater layer that concentrates everything bad from the city road system that we do not properly treat. Come on folks. Let us be reasonable and expect no more from industry than we do of ourselves. Look at the priorities of the Assembly: Recreation at Eaglecrest has a higher priority than clean water.

Bradley J. Fluetsch


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