Change PFD to mutual fund
In regards to liquidating the Permanent Fund Dividend, let me offer some suggestions and also remedies to the perceived problems. If we could change the PFD into a mutual fund and distribute shares instead of cash, it would then be up to the individual to decide if they want to hold onto them, or sell a few shares when needed. Another problem avoided in doing this would be the stock and bond markets would not sell off as it would prior to a full liquidation, if it were to take place.

Haines hydro project threatens fish
As Juneau faces its second year with avalanches wiping out their hydropower to the community, Alaska Power and Telephone (AP&T) is lobbying state and local officials for funding for a hydro project in the upper Chilkoot River Valley in Haines.

Help for Zimbabwe
The news from Zimbabwe continues to be bad. The people continue to suffer, the economy is in a shambles, and the government is not functioning.

Smoking ban: one year later
More than a year after the city's clean air ordinance went into effect, people on different sides of the debate continue to disagree about the success of the law that required Juneau's bars to go smoke free.

New Alaska bishop from Pittsburgh
JUNEAU - Monsignor Edward J. Burns, a rector from Pittsburgh, was introduced Monday as the next bishop of the Diocese of Juneau.

Price-gouging bill won't help Southeast
Anchorage legislators filed a bill to stop gas, diesel and heating fuel price-gouging in Alaska, but it's unlikely to relieve high Southeast prices.

Muñoz staff ready for new session
Newly elected Rep. Cathy Muñoz, R-Juneau, has brought three Juneau residents in to staff her newly established office representing House District 4, commonly known as Juneau's Valley District.

Photo: Dragon launch
Kurt Dzinich launches a dragon kite while spending the afternoon at the Auke Recreation Area beach on Sunday.

Visiting the Capitol is simpler than it sounds
In Alaska, the state's citizens are welcomed throughout the Capitol, but it's not always easy. With a little bit of inside knowledge, however, what goes on in the building is readily available.

Assembly interviews city manager candidates
A Juneau Assembly committee spent about five hours Monday interviewing four candidates for city manager and has four more candidates scheduled for interviews today.

Photo: Sunny walk
Dressed for the weather, Joe Ver and Jane Canaday walk along Riverside Drive on Sunday. The temperature reached about 60 degrees.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Photo: Remembering King
Dr. Kim Patterson, of the Anchorage Christian Center, gives the keynote speech during the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 2009 Celebration at the Juneau Christian Center on Monday.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

Around Town

Joseph A. Kendler
Former Juneau resident Joseph A. Kendler died Jan. 16, 2009, in Sun City West, Ariz. He was 84.

Outside editorial: Team Obama's injury list
Barack Obama takes office today with a mandate to improve the economy. But he'll have to start his new gig without a Treasury secretary. His nominee, Timothy Geithner, has yet to be scrutinized by a U.S. Senate that needs to ask tough questions, such as: Sir, how can you urge Americans to do right by the Internal Revenue Service you would oversee, given that you didn't pay more than $34,000 in payroll taxes just a few years ago?

Alaska editorial: Manage Permanent Fund like any other endowment fund
Does the Permanent Fund have enough money to pay Alaskans dividends this year? That's going to be a hot topic when the Legislature starts work later this week.

Afghanistan needs more
It has been seven years since Afghan forces supported by the United States toppled the Taliban and denied al-Qaida the terrorist haven, training ground and launch pad that Afghanistan had become. Since then, there has been clear, substantial progress, including democratic elections, the liberation of growing numbers of Afghan women to take their place in public life, and clear improvements in health care and education.

My Turn: What we need to know about the Juneau road
Throughout the last three years, numerous requests have been made for an independent cost analysis of the Juneau road project. These requests to the Department of Transportation and Gov. Sarah Palin were put out by environmental groups, by both Republican and Democrat state delegates, by Southeast Alaska towns and by individual Alaska citizens. So far these requests have been denied or not accepted. Why is this?

Healy Clean Coal Project deal example of old-style politics
Can a coal-fired power plant be called "clean?" On Wednesday, officials from the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) and Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) announced with pride that they had "settled" the vexing problem of the "Healy Clean Coal Project." The oxymoronic project is a dust-covered generating plant that has been sitting idle for 10 years in the little town of Healy, 78 miles southwest of Fairbanks. It cost taxpayers $300 million to build.

Obama's path still unclear, his agenda is unfocused
President-elect Barack Obama said recently that overhauling Social Security and Medicare would be central to his effort to curb federal spending.

Inaugural begins a discussion
What a day! Remember this one so you can tell your kids and grandkids about it in years to come.

Pardon for Sen. Ted Stevens unlikely
ANCHORAGE - A White House spokesman on Monday said President Bush, on his last day in office, was unlikely to pardon former Sen. Ted Stevens.

Inauguration potluck at Centennial Hall
The breakfast potluck, "Breakfast with the President," is from 7:15-10 a.m. President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in begins at 7:30 a.m.

Sled dog races are postponed due to mush
ANCHORAGE - Three mid-distance sled dog races have been postponed after unseasonably warm temperatures turned mushing trails to mush.

Entities launch energy campaign
ANCHORAGE - A retailer and two utilities have launched a campaign to get Anchorage-area consumers to cut down on energy use by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Committee seeks new board members
JUNEAU - Juneau's Alaska Committee is seeking six or more candidates for election to its board of directors at its annual meeting Saturday, Jan. 31.

Gore ice sculpture unveiled in Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS - Al Gore is now a wintertime fixture in Fairbanks.

Murkowski seeks pardon for Stevens
ANCHORAGE - Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants President Bush to pardon former Sen. Ted Stevens.

Fire breaks out at hatchery site
FAIRBANKS - Authorities in Fairbanks are investigating the cause of a fire that broke out at the construction site of a fish hatchery in Fairbanks.

Kuskokwim 300 started after delay
BETHEL - The Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race is off and running from Bethel after being stalled by warm weather.

Federal judge rules in favor of Inupiat family against BP
ANCHORAGE - A federal judge has sided with an Inupiat family in a lawsuit against oil giant BP concerning a lease on the North Slope.

Fairbanks blacks celebrate Obama
FAIRBANKS - When U.S. Sen. Barack Obama was elected president of the United States on Nov. 4, Cleveland Bartley did something he had never done before.

Ketchikan firm has low bid for ferry
KETCHIKAN - Ketchikan transportation officials may not have to go far for a replacement ferry taking people to the city's airport.

Group pushes potable water in Salcha
SALCHA - Some folks in Salcha seem as interested as ever about getting hundreds of residents better access to potable water and, possibly, things like showers and laundry machines.

Appeals court keeps judge for homicide suspect
FAIRBANKS - The State Court of Appeals will not replace a trial judge in the case of Brian Galbraith, a man with a history of paranoid schizophrenia who is accused of killing a mental health worker.

Alaska troops sent to Afghanistan
ANCHORAGE - The Army has ordered 3,500 paratroopers based at Fort Richardson to deploy to Afghanistan.

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