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Posted: Friday, January 21, 2000

I say we dole out the whole permanent fund - $50K apiece - and then double the taxes on the oil industry to run the state. There is no shortage of money in the state, only a conspiracy between the politicians, the oil, mining and forestry industry to siphon off publicly owned natural resources into the corporate coffers.

The Mackie plan is just another case of lawmakers showboating to distract us from the fact that they're not doing their jobs.

I think giving out $25,000 lump sum from the permanent fund the dividend is a great idea, because some of these senior citizens will not live long enough to see another $25,000 worth of dividends. But the problem is that the kids that won't see a penny of it.

More respectful payoff would be $1 million. The state would get the remaining $300 million, the legislators would not have to give themselves raises for a while. Every Alaskan citizen would be a millionaire. I could buy a house for my family and not have to pay rent forever, have a good chance of starting my own business. this will never happen because the working class Alaskans would have a chance at freedom

Let's refrain from catching our sea otters and giving them away to wind up in aquariums around the world. It's like being in jail only worse. Two out of six otters given away last year died within a week.

Let's call Mackie's big-buck giveaway what it really is - a way to bribe greedy Alaskans into agreeing to let lawmakers to use the permanent fund earnings for their original intent, as a rainy-day fund to cover deficits when our revenues decline.

Mackie's plan has not been thoroughly discussed yet, and there are certain items like the tax consequences and effect on welfare recipients to consider. It is going to be an interesting legislative year.

I want to show my support for the Mackie plan. This would be a needed boost for the economy and a good way of letting people invest their own money. It's also good in a sense that there would be a way to provide for the cost of state government.

That's really something that they come up with a $25K payoff. Why not a $100,000 apiece. There is plenty of money.

The visionaries who set up the permanent fund don't need Regis to say, ``Do you want to be a ``$25,000-aire?'' These legislators had the same options during the oil money, but squandered it. Yes, the public would vote for something reasonable, but not this, I hope.

Rep. Halcro needs an education on state business travel. My husband is rarely gone for a day-long trip during normal hours, as Halcro must think employees do. I most often put him on the plane at 6 a.m. and pick him up several days later after 10 p.m. He misses doctor appointments, our children's sporting events, school conferences and family gatherings. The state gets his early mornings, and late evenings doing a job originally meant for two.

About Carlos Boozer: It's time to share the limelight with other athletes in Juneau and Southeast. We'd like to read about the other ones once in a while.

Thanks to the person calling in with the reminder to feed birds and squirrels. Another reminder: Safe snap-off collars are readily available. So please, bell your cats so the birds can eat in safety.

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