A youthful mistake

Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I have read the Empire for many years and know there are always two sides to each story. I have been quite saddened by the events that were caused as a result of Laura Stidolph's drinking and driving. I am very grateful that no one was seriously hurt. I just wanted people to know that Laura is a wonderful, caring young person who made a very serious mistake. She has never been in trouble before this and comes from a very wonderful family.

Right now, she's paying very dearly for what has happened. I just hope your overzealous reporting of this case does not cause any more damage to anyone involved. I'm sure there are many other cases similar to this that haven't gotten the press that this one has. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone any of what she has done but I'm sure many people can think of at least one 21-year-old that has made a very bad decision like drinking and driving in their youth (maybe yourself?). Please support MADD and help educate people before a life altering event happens to them or their child.

Julie Flint

Auke Bay

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