Schools needed snow day Tuesday

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2005

We woke up today, Tuesday Jan. 18, to yet more snow. I love the snow and enjoy the fact that there is finally enough for myself and my children to play in. But.... when I drove my children to school today, I was upset that a snow day had not been called for. The main roads were plowed, but not the side roads and, more important, the sidewalks that our children "must" have to walk to school on or wait for the bus. As I drove my children to school, I passed numerous children walking on the main roads in an effort to get to school, because the snow was too deep on the sidewalks. Most parents more than likely assumed that if school was not called off, then they had managed to get those "safe" sidewalks cleared for these children. Or that roads were cleared enough for children to stand at bus stops with plenty of room for vehicles to pass them safely. This made for a very dangerous journey for children trying to get to school and people driving, passing these children on the roadways.

It is not because there is too much snow that snow days for schools are called for. It is the safety conditions for the children getting to and from school that snow days are called.

Tammy Hurst


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