Solomon seals a win over Sanchez

Good action, but not many KOs, in Roughhouse Friday action

Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2007

The seasoned fighters threw punch after punch but couldn't dominate each other Friday night at Roughhouse Boxing at Marlintini's.

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In the end, Juneau's Jesse "The Roofer" Solomon defeated Anchorage's Julio Sanchez via split decision in the much-anticipated main event. He beat a mixed-martial arts star and Alaska Fighting Championships heavyweight champion.

"We didn't catch each other," Solomon said. "Julio is the AFC champion, and we fought a couple months ago during a Thursday evening bout (in Anchorage.) We'll probably fight a few more times. I plan to come back for the (Southeast) Showdown. I'll fight anyone."

A wild crowd of about 400 packed the place for the monthly brawl. They saw 10 fights and stayed charged.

The Solomon-Sanchez battle drew them in. Both fighters threw multiple combinations in the first round and aggressively pushed each other back when their opponent got too close. Neither boxer landed big punches in the bout because they were both seasoned at dodging and dancing.

The victory was a nice comeback for Solomon, who lost last spring's Showdown heavyweight bout to Russ "Dirt" Stevens.

Here is a recap of the other fights:

• Matthew Strickland defeated veteran Wayne "Fu" Smallwood in an exciting bout.

Smallwood came out the aggressor at the opening bell, but then got rocked into the corner when he charged into Strickland's left hook. Smallwood got knocked down two more times in round two and was saved by the bell.

Twenty-one seconds into round three, Strickland finished the bout by sending Smallwood to the canvas a fourth time.

• Jason Bakkala defeated Shaun "Alaskan Beast" Beaird in a close fight.

Bakkala said Beaird "gave me a good fight, and he hits hard."

They were evenly matched throughout, but a short burst of energy by Bakkala towards the end of round two might have given him the edge with points.

They both said they wanted a rematch.

• Leslie Lozada, focused and aggressive, defeated Carolyn Doropan as referee Joe Isturis stopped the fight in the third round.

Doropan struggled to handle Lozada's punches early in the fight. Lozada, noticeably taller than Doropan, delivered two standing eight-counts in round two. It was over 15 seconds into round three when Lozada knocked down Doropan a the third time.

• Vinny Edenshaw defeated Josh "The Unknown" Hintermeister by unanimous decision in an energetic fight.

Both boxers bounced around, ducking and dodging blows, to start before Hintermeister landed lots of head blows at the end of round one. Hintermeister also had Edenshaw against the ropes in round three, but Edenshaw ultimately outboxed him to earn the decision.

• Veteran heavyweight Walter "Showstoppa" Brown fought twice, defeating A.J. Votion early in the evening and then losing his second bout to first-time fighter Andrew Vallejo.

Brown's first match was close with a final point tally of 29-28.

Votion landed a hard left on Brown, but "Showstoppa" held his ground and answered with some heavy leather of his own. Both boxers tired in round three, with Brown landing a few more shots to get the win.

The second fight paired the 245-pound Brown against the 315-pound Vallejo. Vallejo seemed to be more aggressive, but he left himself open by hanging his hands by his side.

It was a close match, but the 70-pound difference seemed to work to Vallejo's advantage.

• In one of the night's more emotional bouts, Jared James defeated Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan.

The nightmare started for Morgan when James knocked him down with a punch that landed almost simultaneously with the opening bell.

James continued to dominate before the fight ended 27 seconds into round three, when Morgan was disqualified for unnecessary roughness and ignoring the referee's instructions.

• The night's first fight featured first-time fighter, Jimmy Kahl, quickly defeating Allen "The Squid" Pierce.

Kahl knocked Pierce down twice with head shots in the first round. He kept the pressure on and delivered two standing eight-counts before Pierce retired after the bell.

• Scott Horne defeated "Iron Mike" Edenshaw 42 seconds into round one. Horne looked strong, releasing short, snake-like sounds with each hit. He closed the show with a body shot to KO Edenshaw.

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