Right to vote on trial again

Posted: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two years ago, the Alaska Supreme Court closed a door but opened a window. Over the last 10 years, three lieutenant governors have rejected a petition that called for "a vote for a vote" on an independent and free Alaska.

The petition asked: Should Alaskans have the right to vote on this issue?

If the majority answered affirmatively (perhaps because, regardless of how you feel about independence, a free people's right to choose who governs them is the bedrock of our beliefs), then a vote on independence would occur two years later.

Ken Jacobus argued for the right on constitutional grounds (10th Amendment). The lieutenant governors' argued that our free association of states was, in fact, an "indestructible union." The politicians argued that because a court struck down a bond sale in Texas in the 1860s, Alaskans can't vote on independence in this or any other century.

Our state Supreme Court saw through this. They decided the people could not directly vote on independence but could vote on instructing our legislature to seek changes to make it possible.

The court asked for another petition to be submitted and in direct defiance of the court it was rejected by Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell.

So our right to vote will go on trial again this coming March.

Parnell, let the people decide!

Scott Kohlhaas

State chairman, Alaska Libertarian Party


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