U.S. descending into fear-driving society

Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2010

The underfunded state of education aside, I cannot be the only conscientious voter in our venerable democracy who has grown sick and tired of losing my liberties to the market- driven whimsies of an emotionally charged, tyrannical, electoral majority.

Anyone adequately mature and sufficiently informed (as is required for any democracy to function), is not driven by a fear of "all other" reasoned solutions. Consistent bombardment by fear, profit-driven media publishers and status quo political defenders, as well as the globalizing labor-abusive, economically influential (such as Wal-Mart), appeal to our natural wariness of change of any type. This is demeaning this nation.

It's time the public take back their currently profit-driven airwaves and limit the perpetual campaign of those elected, to two terms - for every governing official.

John S. Sonin


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