Proud of presidency


Posted: Monday, January 22, 2001

In your Jan. 17 edition, Ron Reed had a My Turn that painted a picture of racism in the Florida election proceedings resulting in the election of George Bush. What Mr. Reed's article did was present a classic bit of election day sour grapes and his inclusion of a quote supposedly made by Stalin didn't do anything for his article other than to make him look small.

The article finished by stating Mr. Reed and his group were organizing an inaugural day protest march, including a mock funeral and black arms bands. This is America, so the likes of Mr. Reed and his group enjoy the right to make almost whatever noise they want to make.

As far as the election of George Bush goes, it was time for a change in America. So far the administration that Mr. Bush has presented to the country is very impressive and everyone in America should be optimistic. What Mr. Reed needs to do is to cool his jets and give this new administration a chance to make America, again, proud of the presidency. This is something that hasn't been possible for the last eight years.

Edwin Johnson


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