Wishing the best to 'selected' president


Posted: Monday, January 22, 2001

This letter is prompted by a few items in Word of Mouth relating to the presidential election: One said George W. Bush won the election legally, ethically, and morally; and one, presumably referring to the My Turn article by Ron Reed, had terms like "barnyard material," "poor plot by Oliver Stone," "paranoia" and "race-baiting."

It always amazes me that people can see the same events and extract opposite meanings from them.

I thought Ron Reed's article was accurate and appropriate. We know some of it to be facts from reliable national news sources, such as Time Magazine. It is incontrovertible that the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount and then two or three days later said there is not time for further count. In Dan Rather's words: Some say G.W. Bush was "selected" president.

After weighing all the machinations of the Florida voting and counting, it is not hard for a reasoning, rational person to conclude that more people in Florida did, or wanted to, vote for Al Gore than voted or wanted to vote for G.W. Bush.

The disappointing part is G.W. Bush's response to the issue: "In every Florida recount done, I won." This leads one to infer that he condones the manner in which he won Florida and assumes office. This last comment, as far as I know, was essentially ignored by media. With all that said, G.W. Bush will be our president. I see no reason why he will not do well at it. Let's all wish him the best.

Ward Lamb


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