Impostor presidents


Posted: Monday, January 22, 2001

The Empire needs to publish a correction to the misleading Jan. 17 article "Congo puts president's son in charge of country." Laurent Kabila was not the president of Congo. He never won a free and fair election by the majority of the citizens of Congo. Instead, the Ugandan and Rwandan armies installed him when they overthrew another Congolese so-called "president" named Mobutu.

The dictionary says "president" is an elected official serving as chief of state. When I hear this word, I think of legitimately elected leaders like President Fox, recently elected by a majority of the Mexican voters, or President Chirac of France. Around the world, citizens have been successful in peacefully throwing out their unelected, impostor presidents, like Milosevic in Serbia, Suharto in Indonesia, Marcos in Philippines, or Baby Doc in Haiti.

The only remaining characters on the world scene who were never actually elected by any voting majority and so shouldn't be called "president" are Castro in Cuba and the one affectionately known in this country as "Duh" (and, ironically, a real president's son).

Chris Pace


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