Big difference between cars, tobacco

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2004

On Jan. 8, Kenneth Perkins of Juneau submitted to the Anchorage Daily News an opinion titled "Who is behind this vendetta against smokers?" He wrote a similar piece published in the Juneau Empire. Mr. Perkins states that the auto and gas industry are more responsible for lung disease than is tobacco use and that "doctors love their big, expensive gas guzzlers better than they do their patients." Ken then publicly declared that he will continue smoking until the American Lung Association attacks the oil and gas industry as vigorously as they do smokers.

Mr. Perkins, unfortunately, lacks information and is intimidated by the Lung Association trying to save his life. First of all, the automobile and gas industry have been making great strides towards cleaner air and a better environment. Second, automobiles are a necessity for many Alaskans/Americans, unlike a cigarette. Try riding a cigarette to the hospital when you suffer your smoking-related heart attack!

Wake up and listen to the doctors, victims, government and even the tobacco industry itself, which state that all smoke - first-hand and second-hand - is dangerous. One more thought Ken: You are not only deceiving yourself, but endangering the health of those around you. Wake up and smell the roses, unless your addiction has already robbed you of that sense, too.

Phil Karcheski


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