Disappointed in the Juneau Empire over Hoonah school story

Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can't believe the Juneau Empire would print unsubstantiated accusations, such as the letter, "Disappointed in Hoonah school," from Hydaburg grandmother Jean Bland on Jan. 18. But then again, if you need to increase interest in your paper, you will print anything to do so.

I believe the Empire owes the Hoonah School District and the city of Hoonah an apology. The citizens of Hoonah, upon hearing of the actions of a couple of noncaring individuals, took up a collection at the ballgame and more than replaced the monetary amount that was taken. Not to mention the rooms, pizzas and karaoke machine which were provided for them, and the kindness that was shown to the Hydaburg students. If these things were not appreciated were they for nothing?

Michael See


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