Mentor Appreciation Month: Big Brother Jeff Sloss and Little Brother Joe

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2010

Matched in the school program since December 2004; matched in the community program since August 2009.

Jeff, Big Brother

Why did you decide to become a Big? "I saw that I could help fulfill a community need and have fun at the same time."

What do you get out of your friendship with your Little? "It's been a rewarding relationship I would've missed out on otherwise."

What have you learned from your Little? "It's been great learning Joe's perspective on everything."

How has your Little benefited from your friendship? "I think that he's gained confidence about trying new activities and becoming a well-rounded person."

Why is mentoring important to you? "It's an easy but important way to make a small contribution that can yield long-term benefits for both a Little and a Big."

What would you say to a volunteer interested in being a Big but worried they can't commit the time or have the resources to be a Big? "It's as easy as spending a lunch hour once a week, having fun and being a kid again with one that can remind you how rewarding it can be."

7. What do you and your Little do together? What are your favorite activities or a favorite memory? "We've spent time reading together, played lots of ball games, board games and chess, been ice skating, bicycling, whale watching and even Ziplining, thanks to all the efforts of BBBS and their helpful staff."

Joe, Little Brother

What do you enjoy most about the match? "It is really fun, we always do a lot of stuff together and I always have someone to play with."

Why are you glad you're a Little? "I get to have a lot of fun and, I don't really know... but I just get to have fun with him."

What has your Big taught you (fun, play, work, etc)? "He helped teach me to read and he also taught me how to adjust my bike. We will hang out again next week; I am sure he will teach me something then."

What do you and your Big do together? "We go to the library, play chess, bike ride and sometimes go skating."

What are your favorite activities? "Well, I guess bike riding. Everything is a lot of fun with him... I just have a lot of fun doing everything with him."

Marlene, Grandmother

What made you decide to get your child a Big? "I am a single grandma and Joseph needs a guy in his life, on that one-to-one basis. It started out as a school match, which was good, now it has lasted five years."

What do you admire most about your child's Big? "They have their own relationship. Jeff is there for him whether that be for school, going to the movies, or taking him to the library. He is just there for Joe. Period."

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