Alaska wildlife troopers join the Medallion Foundation

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2010

ANCHORAGE - The Division of Alaska Wildlife Troopers is undertaking a new endeavor in the name of aviation safety.

State and Wildlife troopers, pilots and a few civilian pilots are committing to the high standards laid out by the Medallion Foundation.

The Medallion Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting aviation safety through systems enhancements by providing management resources, training and support to the aviation community.

By participating in the Medallion Foundation's program, AWT hopes to prevent the loss of any employee due to an aircraft incident.

"AWT already has high safety standards. Our pilots are meticulous and well-trained. Joining the Medallion Foundation is one more way for us to keep aviation safety front and center in our mind," Col. Gary Folger, director of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, said. "Safety is paramount."

The Medallion Foundation is focused on changing the culture and attitude of operators and pilots flying in Alaska. The Foundation provides training on system safety and human behavior in an effort to reduce aviation accidents.

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