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Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2000

I recently learned that the center median turn lanes are for the use of vehicles turning off the main arterial. Unlike in some other states, they're not to be used by drivers turning onto a main arterial from a minor arterial or driveway. To the driver to whom I made an obscene gesture, you know who I am and I apologize. To others who may have a similar ignorance to Alaskan law, please take note.

There is going to be $25,000 payout, they'd better give it out fast, because the rest of the country is going to find out and start moving here to get that money. They should ensure that you have to live here a certain amount of time before you can qualify for that money.

Regarding the comment in the Word of Mouth that there is $800 billion in the permanent fund, in reality there is $27 billion, and anyone who thinks there is $800 billion there, they may not be stupid, but they are surely poorly informed.

City-borough committees should have on them only locally registered voters, not foreign cruise ship representatives.

The $25,000 payoff. Many people are concerned about income tax problems. One solution might be to start a Alaska 401K and have it managed like a retirement account, and thus avoid taxes until after retirement.

I'd like to know why the Alaska Marine Highway has to ration memo pads and scotch tape to the employees when the legislators spend $5,000 on saving Bucky the Beaver. All the paper they waste at the Capitol, and we can't even get a scrap of paper to write our memos on.

The women who are uncomfortable working out around men can work out at home. If they want to have their own club and their own handshake, far be it from us to stop them. But then men can follow suit, and have our own establishment. No women allowed. Just like the old days.

I believe the Legislature has finally come up with a plan. Paying each Alaskan $25.000 from the permanent fund is the best way to go. Way to go, Legislature. It's about time.

I would like to thank the people who have been working on Twin Lakes because it is really nice to go out there with stereos and food. I wanted to thank them for doing all that work.

We took a straw poll in our office and all eight employees said they like the Mackie plan to end the dividends with a one-time payment of $25,000, all for varying reasons. What would they do with the money? Here are some of the ideas: Buy a home, pay off debts, save for children's education or buy a new truck. Push Mackie. Push this idea.

If the University of Alaska sees fit to start building race-oriented dorms on their campus, you can bet my kids will never attend. There are just as many white kids living in the Bush as Native kids.

Thanks to the friends and neighbors who turned out in numbers at the Douglas Advisory Board Wednesday night. Those people expressed their concerns about the proposed Douglas land swap and we appreciate their interest.

Recent decisions by the school board will result in more parent involvement. The school board needs to change its ways and remember it represents our children.

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