Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2001

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Due to miscommunication, the names of a Glacier Bay research crew were reversed in a photograph in Sunday's Empire Page C1. The photo showed, from left to right, Daniel Lawson, Jim Luthy, Ron Bailey, Susan Bigl, Lewis Hunter, Paul Cedfeldt and Chris Frary.

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A Jan. 16 Empire article on Alaska's Capital Inn contained some historical inaccuracies, according to Donna Olds Barton, granddaughter of miner John Olds, who built the structure. She said John Olds came to Juneau in December 1880, before the Gold Rush, in a canoe of prospectors from Sitka responding to the reports of gold finds. Also, the maple roller rink flooring mentioned in the article came from the old Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, not the YMCA.

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