Life is different now

Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2002

We want to thank each and every one of you in Juneau for all of your unselfish generosity, compassion and support during our time of sorrow.

Thank you all for the donations you made in memory of our beloved Evan. Thank you for all of the food, flowers, cards, thoughts, prayers and kind words.

The students and staff at Tenafly High School had a memorial service and started a scholarship in remembrance of Evan's life. It was an extremely thoughtful and loving tribute to Evan. We thank you all.

The loss of a child is the ultimate tragedy and our hearts ache constantly for Evan. The death of a child goes against the natural order of life. He was a beautiful, talented, kind, loving and energetic teen-ager with so much to live for. We had so many plans. We were so happy. One minute you're going through just another day and the next moment your lives are shattered. Our lives have changed forever and we are not the same people that we were before Evan died. Life is different. A part of us has died along with him.

Our family, friends, and Evan's friends have been a source of great comfort during our grief. While Evan's life was tragically cut short, he was important to many of us and to many people. We love to hear his name and to listen to people speak about him. We know that he will never be forgotten.

Our hearts are broken and deeply saddened over his death. Please remember the good times that you shared with him and that way his memory will always be with you. It helps to know that you care. It gives us strength, peace and comfort in our hearts.

The love lives on even though it seems that the pain will never end. Thank you for your compassion.

With love always,

Karen, David and Justin Schroeder

Tenafly, N.J.

(Evan Schroeder, 17, died in a climbing accident on Mount Juneau during a family vacation last August. - Editor)

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