Cub Scouts watch whales

Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cub Scout Pack 6, from Auke Bay, poses for a photo during a complementary whale watching tour by Allen Marine on Sept. 8.

Allen Marine offers the annual tour as a way to welcome new Cub Scout families. The Cub Scouts appreciated the warm hospitality of free hot chocolate for every scout.

Allen Marine gave several newcomers to Juneau their first views of the humpback whale. The Cub Scouts profited from the staff's charts, pictures and natural history expertise. Now they know that every humpback whale's flukes have their unique pattern - just like a human fingerprint. Allen Marine's hospitality brightened a blustery day for the members of Auke Bay Cub Scout Pack 6.

Sponsored by Chapel by the Lake, Auke Bay Cub Scout Pack 6 welcomes boys in grades 1-5 into its Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelo dens. Charlie Jones is Cubmaster (789-7636). The individual dens meet weekly to work on cub scout "achievements" toward their merit badges.

The whole pack meets for monthly pack meetings and also for special events such as whale-watching, camping and the Pinewood Derby.

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