An honorable thing

Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elohim, Allah, Raven and Eagle; there is a universal power that most cultures sense and attempt to define or describe in some way. Without debating who or what that power is, many of us believe that it is around us and in all living things. We sense some universal truths about right and wrong and we sense that there are such things as integrity and honor.

I want to thank the person who returned my brother’s ceremonial head mask of Raven with ermine in its beak. I needed to move to St. Vincent De Paul’s and had given up my anger and hope to have the carving returned. Something or someone moved the person who had stolen my best tangible evidence of my brother. As I was finishing cleaning my empty apartment to move to St. Vincent’s, I was exhausted on the final day at 3 a.m.

I went to my car and was about to collapse into the seat when I saw a black plastic sack there; and inside my memories were safe.

That thing was worth a fair amount of money. Yet you chose a higher value by returning it. Thank you, friend, for this kindness. It will be given back to you in other ways, you can expect that.

Taa Eesh


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