Students honored for January achievements

Juneau-Douglas High School faculty nominate students for recognition

Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eight Juneau-Douglas High School students, all underclassmen, were recognized on Jan. 19 by school staff for their recent contributions to improving the school.

Assistant Principal Paula Casperson introduced the Juneau Police Department’s School Resource Officer Jason VanSickle, whose address to the students drew upon a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. and touched on the importance of contributing to the community, exhibiting leadership and character and achieving one’s goals. VanSickle then congratulated each student and awarded each a certificate, a legislative citation and a student recognition pin. A celebratory lunch, provided by the JDHS Parent Group, followed for the students and their parents.

Averi Cokeley, a sophomore, was nominated by Cheri Carson of the World Languages Department. Carson said, “Averi Cokeley is now in second-year Japanese and continues to demonstrate a talent for the language and culture, which she further enhanced by participating in our student trip to Japan last summer. Her beautiful singing voice was a treat for all at karaoke night. Last but not least, Averi is the star pupil in my sophomore English class.”

Physical education teacher Kelly McCormick nominated freshman Kellen Johansen. Of Johansen, McCormick said, “Kellen has demonstrated outstanding achievement in PE. As a recipient of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, Kellen has achieved 90 percent (or more) in five separate areas of fitness.”

Freshmen Dylan Williams, Mariell Mendoza and Colin McClung were each recognized by Gaye Willis of the Attendance Office. Willis said, “Out of the 845 students enrolled at JDHS as of Jan. 4, only three had perfect attendance so far this year. This exceptional level of dependability and participation is to be commended. Thank you for your great example.”

Melissa Paradis, a freshman, was nominated by teachers in the CHOICE Team. The teachers said, “Melissa is a pleasure to have in class and an asset to the CHOICE Program. She consistently models great work habits for fellow students by being in class on time every day, ready to work. She is always respectful to her teachers and kind to fellow students. She is conscientious about completing her assignments on time and is a calm presence in the classroom. We are very happy to have her with us.”

Jonathan Smith in the science department nominated Serena Partlow, a freshman. Of her, Smith said, “Throughout the first semester, Serena has put an incredible amount of time into her science fair project. Her attention to detail and thoroughness has served as an excellent example to her peers. We were particularly impressed with her personal desire to ‘fix’ a special pH clock to satisfy her own interest. Furthermore, Serena has made major improvements in how she interacts with group members during labs.”

Digital arts teacher Heather Ridgway nominated Autumn Stoddard, a sophomore. Ridgway wrote, “Autumn really wants to do fine work despite occasional frustrating conflicts of interest in class. She is very involved in the processes that determines if her work is finished up to her own high standards. She’ll stay after class to make sure she does more than just meet assignment criteria. Her work expresses who she is in the end, and in the end, Autumn is a strong sensitive and intelligent artist.”

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