Not so compassionate

Posted: Friday, January 24, 2003

No offense to Bruce Botelho, but maybe it's easy for him and others to put partisanship aside and attend the governors inauguration ball and hobnob and have a good time with the Republicans.

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Time out from partisanship

For the Alaska Natives in the bush, it's a different story. Hashed out behind locked doors, the Republican passed SB 36, our predominantly Native schools have been getting only 65 percent school funding while the urban predominantly white schools have been getting the full 100 percent school funding. Now they're talking cutting our school funding even further.

This along with the supreme court-elected George Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, which will cut off federal funding for underperforming schools, goes to show their aim is to rob, cheat and steal our children's education. After the Civil War, when the Northerners went south and robbed, cheated, stole from, and imprisoned the Southerners, they were called carpetbaggers. What do the Natives call the bunch in Juneau? Think about it before you congratulate yourselves for "compassionate conservatism."

Curtis Sommer





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