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Posted: Friday, January 24, 2003

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The collapse of the Treadwell mines

Thanks for running a picture of the Treadwell cave-in, but as we all know - and as Mary Lou King's June 23, 2002, story, still in your archives, attests - the cave-in was in 1917, not 1922. Furthermore, the writing on the picture you ran reads, " 'Cave-In' Treadwell, Alaska, April 22, 1917." Maybe your headline and caption used the date 1922 because that was when the Ready Bullion closed.

Which prompts an idea. Instead of paying publisher Smith to write editorials, why don't you use his salary to sponsor a new edition of David and Brenda Stone's "Hard Rock Gold?" Also, that would give you some reprint rights to many notable historical photos, several of which could fit into the space now occupied by one typical publisher-torial. Think about it.

Mark Regan


We regret the incorrect date in the headline above the mine photo. - Editor

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