Right to life

Posted: Friday, January 24, 2003

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Dueling demonstrations

While reading Thursday's article, "Dueling demonstrations," I had to laugh for lack of a better emotional reaction to the obvious bias the author portrayed. I had hoped to find an equal presentation of two opposing beliefs, giving people the opportunity to form their own opinion on the matter. Instead, I was quite surprised to find that, though at first the article seemed to be addressing two separate abortion rallies that were held, it was really a summary of Ms. Kerttula's personal beliefs and accomplishments. While I don't believe there is anything wrong with sharing about our legislators, I certainly don't think this article was the place for it.

Since this article failed to do so, I would encourage citizens to learn what happened at both rallies, research any arguments presented, and base their opinion about abortion on facts, not a legislator's thoughts. I believe that if everyone knew exactly what abortion entails, there would be no argument as to whether or not it should be legal. I agree with what Ms. Kerttula said, "...this is something that is each individual's right ... that it's not about the Legislature and it's not about the courts," only when I hear "individual's right," I think of every human's God-given right - the right to life.

Sonja McLemore

Senior, JDHS

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