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Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coby TF-7307

The only thing good about the Cody companies' bargin-bin-priced portable DVD player is the cost. With its sub-$100 price tag the TF-7307 looks like a steal but its poor resolution, hefty weight and lack of extras makes this a poor choice for even the cheapest of gadget collectors.

Editors' rating: 3.7.

The good: The battery is internal; nonglossy screen; very affordable; 180 degree swivel display.

The bad: The screen needs a long warm-up time before the colors properly adjust; poor battery life; low-resolution screen; poor battery life; limited file support for disc playback; no USB port or MMC slot; average speakers.

The bottom line: Even with the lowered expectations of its sub-$100 pricetag, the Coby TF-7307 fails to deliver as a no frills bargain DVD player.

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Cowon Q5W

Cowon's portable video player is packed with features but its hefty price tag will scare a lot of people off.

The Q5W does a lot for a single piece of hardware, from Wi-Fi internet browsing to Bluetooth audio streaming, but its simply too intimidating for the average user who just wants to watch a movie or listen to music.

Editors' rating: 7.

The good: The Cowon Q5W portable video player boasts robust video features, high-quality audio playback, and includes a Wi-Fi-enabled Internet browser, Bluetooth audio streaming, component and composite video output, MSN Messenger, and built-in speakers.

The bad: The Cowon Q5W is heavy, expensive, awkward to navigate, difficult to configure for wireless Internet, and the optional GPS cradle costs as much as a standalone GPS device.

The bottom line: The Cowon Q5W aims to do everything a gadget-aholic may want in a portable video player. Unfortunately, its confusing dual interface and high price hold it back from greatness.

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