Juneau, fix the skate park for teens

Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010

Imagine you're skating, having a great time. You go to turn, and, bam, you slip and slam into a ramp. You get up and start skating again, but with fear of slipping and hurting yourself. Then, to make everything worse, you don't know what to do because you don't want to keep doing the same trick over and over. Now you're bored because there's nothing new to hit, so you go home. The city needs to fix the skate park so teens can have a safe and fun place to skate.

The skate park is always wet. The floor is smooth concrete and when it's wet, it is very slippery and dangerous. I dropped into a quarter pipe and when I went to turn, I slipped and slammed into the ground. After that I was too scared to try it again. The city needs to enclose the entire skate park so rain doesn't come in. This would make it safer.

The skate park's white walls are annoying. When I skate with the walls all white, it makes me feel dizzy and it is hard to concentrate and land my tricks. When there was graffiti art on the walls, I landed most of the tricks I tried. Somehow I was just a better skater when there was graffiti art. The art also gave people something fun to do, since anyone could add to the art. Juneau should let skaters graffiti the walls again.

Finally, when the city starts a project at the skate park, they never finish it. They build something right in your way and leave it there for skaters to have to skate around; it's really annoying. I have never seen the skate park finished during the three years I've been skateboarding there. If the city is going to start something, they should finish it.

The city needs to fix the skate park so teens can have a safe and fun place to skate. They should cover the skate park so rain doesn't get in. They should let people do graffiti, and they should either leave the skate park alone and not start a new project, or they should have locals help work on it until the project is done. Fixing the skate park would make Juneau a better place for teens.

Sean Harrington

Seventh-grader, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School


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