Community stepped forward after robbery

Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010

On Sunday, Jan. 10, my photo shop on Seward Street was robbed. After 12 years in business without this type of activity, I can say that I found it profoundly disheartening.

However, I do find it important to acknowledge and thank the following good people of Juneau for their support and encouragement to keep my shop open. To the Juneau Empire reporting staff, thanks for printing the story of this crime. To the Juneau Police Department, particularly Chief Greg Browning and Detective Krag Campbell, thanks for the great detective work. To City Manager Rod Swope and Assembly member Randy Wanamaker, thanks for meeting with me to try and find solutions to the crime problem downtown. And thanks to many other individuals who offered their support in many varieties, including, but not limited, to a delicious cake.

It is up to us, the community of Juneau, to get involved and stay involved to help the police and city keep our town from experiencing these types of problems. Thank you all for your help in this ordeal.

Art Sutch

Owner, Art Sutch Photo and Digital, Juneau

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