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Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Alaska State Museum would like to acknowledge and thank all of the donors, volunteers and contributors who generously gave resources, talent and time throughout 2009. Donors and contributors granted funds the museum's Heritage Endowment and youth activities, and donated funds and objects to the museum permanent collection.

More than 100 volunteers donated more than 2,000 hours and provided their service in the areas of education and public programs, exhibits, conservation, collections management, hospitality and advocacy. We wish to express our appreciation to the following individuals, agencies and businesses for their support this year:

Donors: Annie Calkins, Bea Shepard, Bill Corbus, Bruce Kato, Candace Waugaman, Caren Pauley, Estate of Eve R. Collais, Estate of Yvonne Mozee, George Smith, John and Lucy Gospodnetich, John Sandor, Margaret Lohfeld, Paulette Simpson, Steven C. Levi, Susan Legault and Virginia May.

Volunteers: Aaron Suring, Abby O'Brien, Akiko Nishijima, Anastasia Taraman-Lynch, Andy Peterson, Ann Riordan, Annie Geselle, Aurora Lang, Bea ShepardBeth Leibowitz, Bev Kelton, Carol Tocco, Cassandra Otnes, Cathy Price, Christy Terry, Chrystal Smith, Cristine Crooks, Damon Stuebner, Dan Fruits, Debra Gerrish, Dee Longenbaugh, Dianne Kyser, Dick Callahan, Dirk Miller, Dolly Kremers, Dr. Peter Wasilewski, Elayne Boyce, Elder Ankney, Elder Crist, Elder Mineer, Elder Perrett, Elder Quinonez, Elder Terry, Elizabeth Ringle, Elliot Nankervis, Emilia Siefueu, Erin Hood, Fran Dameron, Gary Gillette, George Smith, Ginny Palmer, Harriet Milks, Hunter Green, Jackie Manning, Jackie Schoppert, Jackie Schoppert, Janice Criswell, Jane Stokes, Jeffrey Wolfe, Jeremy Kane, Jessica Parks, Joanne Pariseau, John Kremers, Jon Loring, Julie Neyhart, Julie Nishijima, Karen Crane, Katerina Kuntz-Tadda, Katherine Coons, Kathryn Grant-Griffin, Kathy Swanson, Katlyn Kimlinger, Kenndra Willard, Kim Miles, Larry Pearce, Laura Schleifman, Lauren Horelick, Lydia Kline, Lydia Steele, Marie Darlin, Marjorie Schmiege, Marsha Bennett, Mary Hakala, Michael "Smokey" Schmidt, Michael Schranmu, Michelle Everett, Mike Travis, MK MacNaughton, Nico Glocke, Nora Lynch, Paige Merriam, Pam Knapp, Pamela Mickleson, Pat Race, Quinn White, Rebecca Burns, Rebecca Tyson Smith, Rebekah Peterson, Renee Guerin, Renee Hughes, Ron Klein, Ronan Lynch, Sadie Beck Ingalls, Sara Boesser, Shauna McMahon, Sidmore McLain, Sister Peek, Sister Perrett, Sister Warwood, Stephanie Hoag, Susan Brouillette, Teresa Schimanski, Tom Ainsworth and Tom Mattice.

Contributing agencies: Alaska Boat and Kayak, Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Alutiiq Heritage Museum, The Canvas, the city of Juneau, Douglas Island Pink And Chum hatchery, Friends of the Alaska State Museum, Juneau Economic Development Council - Springboard, Juneau Ranger District, Tongass National Forest, Juneau-Douglas City Museum, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service, Plein Rein Painters, U.S. Trust - Bank of America private Wealth Management trustee and the University of Alaska Southeast.

Friends of the Alaska State Museum Store staff: Alison Hadley, Gloria Bodron, Jeanette Lachey, Kathy Swanson, Rebecca Freer, Ruby Soboleff and Starlene White.

Bob Banghart

Chief curator, Alaska State Museum


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